With the support of professionals in the sector, Polimoda Consulting carries out on request trends research, related to Mens'/Womens'/Children's wear/Accessories/Lingerie/Swimwear, aimed at improving both image and product.

Improvements will include STYLE THEMES
including the following: A choice of subjects presented in an interpretative
format with images, to be used as a reference
and starting point for collection development.
Colour selection and sub-divisions into
colour combinations.
Materials, textiles, yarns and items for renewal. Shapes and forms. Focus on an iconic product.

Working with experts in the sector, experienced designers and young designers with at least 3 years experience as freelancers, Polimoda Consulting can provide companies with a series of services in the design sphere .

The New Collection Review.
In the areas of men's/women's/children's wear
and the accessories sector.
The project has three elements:
A style study; Presentation of sketches and technical data; Materials research;

Refresh Existing Collections
Renew collections that are in need of a fresh look. A review of personalized services in the style sector, planning or materials research.

Trends Briefing Sessions
Which include: :
Inspirational themes\styles; Colour selection and colour combinations; Suggestions for materials, textiles and yarns; Focus on forms and shapes.